Monitus Door Warning System

Maintaining a safe treatment area is critical in radiotherapy. The Monitus Door Warning System was developed as a means of visually conveying critical information to system users in adjacent rooms, or who are working at a safe distance while the Papillon+™ is in operation.

How Does the Door Warning System Work?

The Monitus is a tricolour LED beacon mounted on top of the Papillon+™ support standard. Its purpose is to visually convey important status information to the end-user, and as such, can be characterised as a controlled area warning system. It features a radiation-on alert light and up to eight wireless door warning units. It incorporates a wireless communication module and an encrypting multiplexor, which relays warning status information with the X-ray generator, workstation, and quality assurance and control (QA/QC) system. Contact us for more information.