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Ariane Medical Systems Papillon

Introducing Ariane

Ariane Medical Systems Ltd was incorporated in 2005. Our aim was to optimise the use of low-energy x-rays, to aid clinicians in the treatment of lower rectal cancer using the Papillon technique. Thereafter we developed a multi-modal X-ray brachytherapy device – The Papillon+. Our Papillon+ device presents a turn-key solution for the treatment of lower Rectal, Breast and Skin cancers.

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Introducing X-Ray Brachytherapy

X-ray brachytherapy is a form of short-range radiation therapy used for the treatment of accessible tumours. The technique involves a minimally invasive procedure to insert an X-ray tube at the target site, followed by generation of radiation to destroy cancer cells. Consequently, X-ray brachytherapy can facilitate reduced irradiation of healthy tissues, shorter treatment times and reduced shielding requirements compared to conventional radiotherapy.

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