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Borne out of a clinical request to develop a High Dose Rate, Low Energy treatment system to replace out of date 50KvP equipment, the Ariane Medical Systems Ltd Papillon50 X-ray Brachytherapy system first treated patients in 2009. The P50 was designed to deliver the rectal cancer treatment called Papillon and has treated over 3000 patients in 6 countries across Europe.

Our goal for the next generation Papillon+™ X-ray Brachytherapy system was to take our trademark low energy/high dose rate capabilities and apply them to other clinical applications. Central to this initiative was our 310° expanded beam geometry and our proprietary treatment adaptors which are interchangeable, via our Application Identification Module (AiM). The AiM allows for the Papillon+™ to switch from Breast IORT, Skin or Rectal  within minutes.

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Ariane Medical Systems Papillon+ ™ X-ray Brachytherapy system offers a mobile, wireless, treatment solution capable of delivering intra-operative X-ray brachytherapy breast treatments, superficial skin brachytherapy, and the signature Papillon Contact technique for rectal treatment. Contact us today for more details.

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