Clinical Treatment

Deciding on a course of treatment after a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. Feelings of anxiety and stress are complicated by the sheer complexity of the jargon that patients are expected to come to understand. The likes of chemotherapy and radiotherapy are relatively familiar, but what about brachytherapy and intra operative radiotherapy? Despite a natural sense of urgency about choosing a treatment plan, it is important to take the necessary time to research options and to discuss those options thoroughly with healthcare practitioners and loved ones

Links for Patients

Below you will find some useful links to website which may offer some helpful information on understanding a diagnosis and treatment options.



What is Intra-operative Radiotherapy?

At Ariane Medical Systems Ltd, we want to provide a better method of treating accessible tumours. We deliver intra-operative radiotherapy instruments especially designed for the targeted treatment of rectal cancer, breast cancer, and skin cancer.

Intra-operative radiotherapy, sometimes abbreviated as IORT, is a method of precisely delivering large doses of ionising radiation to a tumour in a targeted manner. The goal is to maximise the amount of radiation delivered to the cancerous cells, and to minimise the dose to healthy tissues. The intra-operative radiotherapy technique underlies a range of cancer treatments, including accelerated partial breast irradiation, non-melanoma skin cancer treatment, and brachytherapy for rectal cancer. Contact us today if you would like any more information.