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Our aim is to optimise the use of low-energy x-rays, to aid clinicians in the treatment of accessible tumours.

Our patented Micronode™ technology is capable of delivering up to 20 Gy/min directly to tumours or IORT surgical cavities offering significantly reduced treatment times.

A Better Way to Treat
Accessible Tumours

Papillon Contact

A modern take on a traditional treatment solution. The Papillon technique quickly delivers a prescribed dose directly onto the tumour with the goal of improving organ preservation and quality of life for the patient.

Ariane Papillon X-ray Brachytherapy systems have been successfully used in the management of thousands of lower colorectal cancers since 2009.

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Patented Micronode™ technology delivers a 310° homogeneous beam ideally suited for surgical tumour cavity irradiation.

Able to deliver a 20 Gy IORT boost in under 5 minutes.

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Superficial Skin

The use of low energy X-rays as a non-surgical tool in the treatment of superficial skin cancers such as basal cell & squamous cell carcinoma is a well-established practice.

The Papillon systems introduce a patented irregular field shielding solution, enabling bespoke lead-shielding to be developed in a matter of minutes.

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Targeting Cancers

Papillon systems are designed with one goal in mind - to deliver a prescribed dose, quickly and safely, directly to the tumour or surgical cavity.

The Papillon system is designed to be cable-free, wireless and mobile, allowing treatments to be delivered in operating theatres, clinics and brachytherapy suites with minimal shielding requirements.

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Our Papillon+ system offers a turnkey solution. Providing everything needed for successful Rectal, superficial and intraoperative X-ray Brachytherapy treatments through its treatment modalities. Because our portable x-ray generator can facilitate multiple treatments modes, we can demonstrate significant clinical and financial benefits.

X-ray Brachytherapy System

Papillon Plus
  • Wireless and Portable

    Papillon+ allows treatments to be carried out in Brachytherapy Suites, Treatment Rooms and Operating Theatres.

  • Shorter Treatment Times

    High dose-rate allows treatments to be delivered quickly and efficiently.

  • Organ Saving Treatment

    Improved patient outcomes with reduced hospital bed time & surgical expense due to organ saving ‘Papillon‘ rectal treatment.