Arianes’ Papillon X-ray Brachy makes National Press with Nottingham City Hospital

Papillon X-ray Brachy is making national Press, after its NICE ratification, with its use of low energy X-rays to kill cancer cells; allowing better local control of small rectal cancer tumours and offering patients a real alternative to radical surgery and a permanent stoma.

The bowel cancer operation that means you DON’T need a colostomy bag

  • Businesswoman Judith Blount was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2014 after she noticed blood when she went to the loo
  • Doctors told her she’d need her rectum removed and have to wear a colostomy bag for the rest of her life
  • Instead, she tried a treatment using low-energy radiotherapy called Papillon, which successfully cured her

A new, less invasive form of radiotherapy is now recommended for bowel cancer by the health watchdog. Judith Blount, 49, a businesswoman from Derbyshire, underwent the treatment…

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NICE ratify Papillon low energy X-ray Brachytherapy treatment for UK rectal cancer patients

The National Institute of Health & Care Excellence (NICE) have finished their consultation period for the use of Papillon X-Ray Brachytherapy for the treatment of rectal tumours and published their recommendations..

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New skin treatment available with the Papillon+ X-ray Brachytherapy system

These applicators are able to be used retrospectively with our Papillon 50 system as well as adding another clinical application to our new Papillon+ system. Please contact us for more details about clinical protocols or to order your new skin applicators.