Breast cancer treatment

X-ray Brachytherapy Breast Treatment

Earlier identification of cancers combined with an aging population and greater patient choice has resulted in a change in the way breast cancers is being treated. More radical surgical methods are being replaced by localised, less-invasive, breast-conserving surgery.  This approach, when augmented by local radiotherapy greatly reduces the risk of local recurrence. Approximately 50% of patients now being diagnosed with breast cancer are suitable for a surgical lumpectomy procedure where only the tumour and immediately surrounding tissue is excised.

Papillon+ X-Ray Brachytherapy allows clinician to offer a single IORT boost in place of the traditional post-surgical 3-5 week External Beam radiation regime. This single IORT boost delivers 20Gys to the tumor bed (immediately post tumor excision) whilst the patient is under anesthetic in as little as 2-5 minutes. The rapid intensity fall-off beyond the treatment target also avoids delivering potentially damaging radiation to underlying tissue and organs.