Ariane Attend 6th GEC-ESTRO Workshop

Performing Optimal Brachytherapy

GEC-ESTRO Workshop, 29-30 November 2018, Brussels, Belgium

Delegates from Ariane Medical Systems Ltd are attending this years’ 6th GEC-ESTRO Workshop in Brussels, Belgium.

The 6th GEC-ESTRO workshop will cover different aspects of not only theoretical but also practical ideas on how to perform brachytherapy in an optimal way. Each working group will cover a site-specific aspect of brachytherapy. Besides the scientific part of the workshop, there will also be an opportunity for networking and exchanging of ideas amongst the delegates.

The event has become a hallmark platform for networking with the seven GEC-ESTRO working groups:

  • Anal-rectal
  • Brachy-HERO
  • Breast
  • Gynae
  • Head and Neck and Skin
  • UroGEC

Optimal brachytherapy for Skin and Anorectal Cancers

On 30th November the focus of the programme is Skin and Anorectal cancers. This is chaired by Papillon user Professor Arthur Sun Myint of Clatterbirdge Cancer Centre, Wirral, UK. With a presentation from Dr Armandeep Dhadda of Castle Hill Hospital, Hull on optimal contact brachytherapy for anal-rectal cancers (The Papillon Technique), performed with our Papillon device.

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