Introducing X-Ray Brachytherapy.

Brachytherapy is a treatment modality where radioactive sources are placed in or near a tumour. Because of this, a high radiation dose is given directly to the tumour. As well as reduced radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissues. This technique is ideally suited to the low energy 30 or 50 kVp X-rays generated by the Papillon+ system. As a result, the Papillon+ system combines targeted treatments with high dose rate. Resulting in significantly reduced treatment times.

Intra-Operative Applications

Radiotherapy for surgically exposed tissues using X-ray brachytherapy.

X-ray brachytherapy can offer a simple and effective method of delivering radiation to any surgically exposed site. We currently offer an intra-operative (IO) treatment application for Breast cancer radiotherapy. Future Ariane developments will look to offer a mechanism for delivering our radiation for local surgical ‘boost’ treatments for additional cancer sites by a similar method to IO breast.

IO Breast Application

In collaboration with our clinical partners at Centre Antoine-Lacassagne in Nice, France. We have developed the ‘Nice’ Breast Applicator for the IO breast application of the Papillon+ device.

The Papillon+ and associated ‘Nice’ applicator allows treatment of surgically exposed breast tissue by x-ray brachytherapy. The applicator allows delivery of an isotropic radiation beam which can reproduce Ir-192 and TARGIT trial depth dose characteristics. This ensures homogenous irradiation of the excised cavity wall.

Intra-Cavity Treatments

X-ray brachytherapy for accessible internal tumour sites

X-ray contact brachytherapy is suitable for treatments where x-rays can be placed in contact with a tumour. Therefore it is possible to treat cancers within the natural cavities of the Human body. Our Micronode™ is small enough to allow access to Oral, Vaginal and Rectal cavities.

We currently produce rectal applicators for treatment of lower bowel cancer by the well established ‘Papillon’ technique. Future Ariane Developments will focus on the development of Intra-vaginal applications.

Rectal ‘Papillon’ Brachytherapy

The treatment site is defined via the insertion of an appropriately sized applicator into the rectum, this is then followed by the Micronode™ which emits the radiation to a tumour site. ‘Papillon’ treatment can be delivered in an outpatient setting, with minimal discomfort and recovery times for the patient. Clinically, the Papillon technique can be used in the absence of radical surgery, in situations where a patient is too infirm or has declined surgical intervention.

Superficial Treatments

X-ray brachytherapy applications for the treatment of Skin cancers.

The manoeuvrability and treatment arm of our Papillon+ system allows positioning of the Micronode™ at any position on the patient for irradiation. We can, therefore, facilitate radiation delivery at any exposed tumour site.

We currently provide a suite for the treatment of non-melanoma (basal and squamous cell carcinoma) by electronic contact x-ray brachytherapy.

Skin Cancer Treatments

The use of contact x-ray brachytherapy for the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancers has been shown to produce excellent cosmetic results, along with good control of local disease.

We produce applicators from 20 – 40mm diameter. Our primary collimation system also  offers a quick and simple system method for the treatment of smaller tumours, or those of irregular shape – to minimize side effects on healthy tissues.

Combined with our truly portable x-ray generator and workstation, the Papillon+ provides an x-ray brachytherapy solution ideal for skin clinics and outpatient procedures.

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