Future Developments.

Further treatment modalities under development.

The Papillon+ is a portable x-ray generator system producing 50 kVp x-rays for x-ray brachytherapy clinical applications. Through the use of interchangeable filtration, alongside specially engineered treatment applicators, the Papillon+ output can be modified for a number of clinical applications. In future Ariane Medical Systems Ltd. will look to develop the device for the following treatment modalities, including general IORT, Head & Neck and Intra-vaginal applications.

Intra Vaginal

Because Papillon+ radiation characteristics mimic Ir-192 at short distances. Therefore the output is ideally suited to post-operative vaginal cuff treatment. Ariane Medical Systems propose the development of A “step and shoot” technique. Providing delivery of a uniform axial dose via a disposable applicator system.

Intra Vaginal Brachytherapy

General IORT

As with the current IORT Breast application, the Papillon+ offers simple and accurate means of delivering a local “boost” treatment during surgery. Which can complement regional external beam radiation therapy.

The 17mm thick, 20cm long X-ray tube (micronode) offers unique possibilities for intra-operative treatments.

Further developments by Ariane will focus on production of oblique IORT applicators, which will facilitate access to the most difficult treatment sites.

Intra-Operative Radiotherapy

Head and Neck

The ability of the Papillon+™ X-ray brachytherapy system to operate at both 30 & 50 kVp, with and without filtration offers future possibilities for bespoke treatment planning solutions for head, neck and intra-oral cancers.

Head and Neck Cancer