Future Developments.

Further treatment modalities under development.

The Papillon+ is a portable x-ray generator system producing 50 kVp x-rays for x-ray brachytherapy clinical applications. Through the use of interchangeable filtration, alongside specialist treatment applicators, the Papillon+ output can be modified for a number of clinical applications. In future Ariane Medical Systems Ltd. will look to develop the device for the following treatment modalities, including general IORT and Intra-vaginal applications.

Intra Vaginal

Because Papillon+ radiation characteristics mimic Ir-192 at short distances. Therefore the output is ideally suited to post-operative vaginal cuff treatment. Ariane Medical Systems propose the development of A “step and shoot” technique. Providing delivery of a uniform axial dose via a disposable applicator system.

Intra Vaginal Brachytherapy


As with the current IORT Breast application, the Papillon+ offers simple and accurate means of delivering a local “boost” treatment during surgery. Which can complement regional external beam radiation therapy.

Further developments by Ariane will focus on production of oblique IORT applicators, which will facilitate access to the most difficult treatment sites.

Intra-Operative Radiotherapy